How should I replace my missing teeth?

There are two methods to replace missing teeth; fixed dental appliances, and removable dental appliances.

A fixed appliance is one that is permanently placed and may be supported by your remaining teeth or implants. Remaining teeth can be used to support a bridge, this involves preparation of the supporting teeth and insertion of a fixed appliance that restores the supporting teeth and replaces missing teeth. Implants can be used to replace missing teeth and then restored without having to restore any of the neighbouring teeth.

Removable appliances include partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are supported by a combination of remaining teeth and soft tissue. This requires healthy, stable teeth for best results. Complete dentures are placed when all of the upper or lower teeth are missing. Fit of a complete denture is improved by having good remaining bone support, if there is not enough existing support implants can be placed to improve the retention of dentures.

Treatment options will be recommended based on your oral health, and regardless of the method used to replace your missing teeth it is vital to maintain remaining teeth or implants by having regular appointments with the hygienist and having your teeth, oral tissues and appliances regularly checked by a dentist.