When will my baby’s teeth come in?

Typically all twenty of the primary teeth are present in the jaw when babies are born. Teeth start to come through between six and twelve months of age. Most children have a full set of primary teeth by three years of age. It is normal for babies to be fussy, drool and have reduced appetite when teething; a fever, rash or diarrhea can be symptoms of illness and should be assessed by your doctor. A clean teething ring, or a cool cloth can help to make your baby more comfortable during teething.

The FDA advises that numbing gels are not recommended for children under the age of two, and any teething products that are used should have FDA approval for use in babies. A baby’s first set of teeth are important for development; they help them to speak, chew, smile and hold space for the permanent teeth that will follow them. Cavities can happen as soon as teeth come through so home care starts with wiping gums with a cloth, then brushing with a very soft baby brush when teeth come through. A first dental visit is recommended at about 1 year of age.