Are minerals and vitamins important for oral health?

There are many benefits to eating a well-rounded diet high in vitamins. Eating vitamin-rich foods, and even taking vitamin supplements can go a long way in maintaining your oral and overall health. Calcium and Vitamin D are the building blocks for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamins A and C help to build and repair connective tissues, which can help prevent gum inflammation, and aid in tissue healing. Vitamin B can reduce inflammation and help to keep sores from developing. Nutritional deficiencies can affect the health of your mouth in the same way that it can affect your overall health. Poor nutrition affects the entire immune system and vitamin deficiencies can make it harder for your immune system to fend off infections including those in your mouth.

A balanced diet rich in vitamins, low in carbohydrates, with ample water will help to protect your teeth, gums and the surrounding tissues in your mouth.