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How often should children have dental check-ups?

How often should children have dental check- ups?

How often should children have dental check-ups?

A dental check-up every six months is recommended for children. A healthy mouth supports the ability to enjoy a healthy diet, is beneficial for speech development, and an important part of overall health. As children grow, their mouths are changing quickly. The primary teeth are small and once a cavity starts it can quickly progress into a size that may be difficult to repair.

The primary teeth are needed to hold the space for the adult teeth to come in, so it is important to take care of them. Leaving cavities untreated can lead to pain and infection for the child, making dental care more complex. As a child’s permanent teeth come in, there is an opportunity to observe growth and the alignment of their teeth so that if orthodontic treatment is desired it can be started at a time when growth and development can assist in the orthodontic treatment.

Regular check-ups and cleanings allow time for review of good homecare routines, and if treatment is needed, being familiar with the office and dental procedures helps children to be more comfortable in the dental chair.

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