Do I need a dental nightguard?

A dental nightguard is designed to prevent damage to your teeth that may be caused by night time grinding or clenching and to minimize the possible muscle discomfort and headaches that can be associated with grinding or clenching your teeth.

Many people unknowingly grind their teeth at night and this can lead to tooth damage including sensitivity and fractured teeth. If you are experiencing symptoms or if your dentist sees signs such as excessive tooth wear, a nightguard may be recommended. There are different types of nightguards available and the benefit of a custom night guard constructed by your dental office is that the dentist will evaluate your mouth and choose a nightguard design that will fit well and protect your teeth. The dentist can adjust your nightguard to provide optimum benefit and comfort. Though the severity of your symptoms may vary, if you have a nightguard inserted it is important to wear it regularly and to let your dentist know if you have changes in your symptoms. Over time our teeth can change, and any dental appliance that is not worn for a long period of time may not fit.