Will pregnancy affect my dental health?

Although many women go through pregnancy without any variations in their oral health, there are some systemic and hormonal changes that can contribute to changes in the condition of your gums and teeth.

Hormonal changes can lead to the development of pregnancy gingivitis; the gums may become inflamed, tender and bleed more easily. Some women may be more prone to cavities during pregnancy, this can be due to changes in diet such as an increase in carbohydrates, morning sickness can make your mouth more acidic creating an erosive effect on enamel and an increased gag reflex may make ideal brushing a flossing habits difficult to maintain.

It is safe to visit your dentist during pregnancy and maintaining oral health is directly related to good overall health, so keeping your mouth healthy during pregnancy is important for both mom and baby. Good oral hygiene at home and keeping a regular schedule for dental exams and cleanings can prevent any potential concerns during and after pregnancy.