Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a procedure that can lighten the shade of your teeth and remove stain or discoloration caused by aging, certain medications, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Tooth whitening will not last forever, so the procedure will have to be repeated on a regular basis.

There are two methods for in-home whitening. One method involves taking a set of impressions of your teeth and then constructing custom trays that can be used with a bleaching gel that you can purchase at our clinic, this method allows you keep the trays and purchase more gel to bleach your teeth again at a later date. The second method for at home bleaching is to purchase a set of ten upper and ten lower disposable trays that are pre-loaded with a bleaching gel.

Bleaching can cause increased tooth sensitivity in some people, this is a normal side effect and usually subsides a few days after the whitening treatments have been completed. Whitening procedures should be avoided if you are pregnant.